Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Another fun weekend!

Hello again!  Another week has passed, and Sam and I spent the weekend working in my new craft room!  This time, Sam wanted to paint the inside of the closet, because he felt that it needed to be freshened up...and he took up the carpet that was in there and replaced it with the wood-look flooring that we have in the rest of the house!  All I can say is...AM I SPOILED, or what??  Of course, I have not taken pictures yet, since he wants the job to be complete before I show everyone what he has been up to.  AND, he mounted the little towel bars that I hang my collection of punches on - right on the wall in my room...can I say, HAPPY!!??  I am soooo ready to go in there and create!  Hopefully, we will be finished up with this project by next weekend...and then just wait and see the little things that I will create in there!! 

Hugs, Lynda

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